Chlidanthus fragrans – 5 bulbs per pack – AUG/OCT DELIVERY


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Active during:    Summer

Common Name: Peruvian daffodil, perfumed fairy lily

Family:                  Amaryllidaceae


True bulb; deciduous; summer-growing; winter-dormant; flowers in late spring.


The species available to gardeners originated in the Andes mountains


3 or 4 bright yellow funnel- shaped flowers, 10cm long, are borne on a stem about 20cm tall. Flowers are pleasantly perfumed with a sweet fragrance. The flowers appear before the foliage.

Planting Instructions:

Best displayed in dense groups of 10 to 15 specimens in the foreground of the mixed perennial border or rock garden. Equally at home in pots. Bulbs must be planted in early spring in a sunny position.Plant them 8cm apart, with 4cm of soil covering them. The soil should be friable and contain compost or leaf-mould.


Moderately frost- hardy. Plants may be left in the soil during winter, provided there exists good drainage.


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