Crocosmia aurea – 20 bulbs per pack


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Active during:                       Summer

Common Name:                   Garden montbretia, Falling stars

Family:                                  Iridaceae

Type:                                     Corm; deciduous; summer-growing; flowers throughout summer

Origin:                                   Some nine species mainly from the eastern parts of South Africa.

Description:                          It has sword shaped leaves and a lax arching spike of up to 10 flowers. Flowers are actinomorphic, nodding, orange, pale in   the throat with tepals marked darker orange to brown and are pollinated by large swallowtail butterflies. Plants grow from 16 to 28 inches (40-70 cm) and flower late summer to mid autumn.

The 70-90cm stems are topped by clustered spikes of orange flowers.

Planting Instructions:

Deeply shaded areas with lots of moisture suit these plants best.They resent being moved,so they should be left undisturbed in the same spot for many years. They prefer heavy, rich soil, kept constantly moist.


Crocosmia are tender to frost. Except for regular,deep watering they are not demanding plants.Red spider mite may attack the foliage.


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