Eucomis Hybrid – 3 bulbs per pack – AUG/OCT DELIVERY


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Active during:    Summer

Common Name: Pineapple flower, Pineapple lily

Family:                  Liliaceae (Hyacinthaceae)


True bulb; deciduous; perennial


Some 15 species from Lake Nyassa in the north-east of south-central Africa to the south-western Cape, but mostly in the eastern part of South Africa.


The star-shaped flowers are densely arranged on a cylindrical spike from 10 cm to 1 meter tall, depending on species. The spikes are topped by a crown-shaped tuft of bracts. Colours range from green to pale cream and purple. Foliage is arranged in a rosette of broad, strap-shaped leaves. The leaves are smooth, with wavy edges, coloured light green, sometimes flecked with purple. The flowers of some species are sweetly scented but some have a distinctly unpleasant odour.


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