Hyacinths White- 3 bulbs per pack – MARCH/MAY


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All these bulbs need to set them growing, is a reasonable soil loosened to a depth of about 20cm; and regular, generous watering every 4-5 days, enabling the roots to drink continually from planting time onwards. The ideal garden loam, for improved texture and drainage, consist of roughly equal parts sand, clay and organic matter. You may, if you wish, pamper your bulbs even more by providing a mulch of about 3cm above the soil (like a blanket) to keep soil temperature more constant and to help retain moisture.

Store dry at cool room temperature.

Plant only late autumn – early winter.

Semi-shade -filtered sun or dappled shade all day, not deep shade,

Plant with point upwards.

Ideal pot plant.

Keep continually moist at root level; to ensure this, use Hadeco’s moisture meter.

Feed monthly with Hadeco bulb food

May be harmful if eaten by humans or animals – keep away from children and pets.

Skin irritant – avoid direct contact with skin.


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