Watsonia borbonica Persephone – 8 bulbs per pack


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• Buying Time: March and April
• Planting Time: March, April and May
• Growing Time: May, June, July and August
• Lifting Time: January
• Resting Time: February and March.

There are 52 species of watsonia, or Bugle lily as it’s also known, all (except one from Madagascar) native to Southern Africa. Watsonias grow best in a sunny position, although partial shade is tolerated. Before planting dig the bed over to about the depth of a spade and add a generous amount of compost – watsonias do best in cool, well-drained soil.
Watsonia borbonica grows in the winter-rainfall areas of the Western Cape of South Africa. It has tall strap-like leaves growing in a fan arrangement.
Each corm of the Watsonia meriana produces three or four erect, lance-shaped leaves that measure up to 60 centimeters long by 6 wide.


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