Habranthus tubispathus – 20 bulbs per pack


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Flowers are singly on stems 10 to 20 centimeters all. Flowers are usually yellow with copper tones on the outside, with tepals about 3 centimeters long, fused for a short distance at the base to form a tube. As with all Habranthus species, the flowers are not upright on the stem but held at a slight angle. The leaves are not normally present at flowering time, appearing later; they are narrowly linear.


Habranthus tubispathus tolerates some frost if planted in sheltered sunny position. It seeds freely. A form with pinkish flowers is grown as H. tubispathus var. roseus, but may be a hybrid.

H. tubispathus has gained the Royal Horticultural Society”s  Award of Garden Merit.


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