Hemerocallis - American Revolution

2 bulbs per pack


  • Also know as a Daylily
  • American Revolution
  • 2 bulbs per pack

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Availability Period: All Year
Delivery from mid-March to early June & mid-September to early December
Plant in full sun to semi-shade
Spacing Distance: 10cm
Planting Depth: 3cm
Mature Height: 60cm-1.2m
Suitable as a cut flower


How to plant, care for and grow Hemerocallis

Family Xanthorrhoeaceae
Name derived from The Greek hemere meaning day and Kallos meaning beauty.
Common name Daylily
Sun Exposure Full sun and semi-shade.
Flower Colours From lemon yellow to orange, wine-red, pink and mauve.
Predators Slugs and snails


Fun fact: it is commonly eaten in Asia and is said to have an intoxicating or stimulating affect, but some species are toxic.

Fun fact: From the original 15 species, over 60 000 registered hybrids have been created.

Hemerocallis has tuberous roots but they can also have rhizomatous or fibrous roots depending on species. It originated from East Asia and Central Europe. It is a rewarding and easy plant to grow as it can tolerate a variety of conditions. The flowers will only last for one or two days but they are produced for a long period which causes a lengthy display. At the plant’s maturity, it will reach a height of 60cm – 1.2m.

Seasons and planting

Jan Feb March April May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Available NO
Plant NO
Flowering NO


Hemerocallis can tolerate a wide range of soils. When well-watered and fed they will bloom profusely. The flowers produced can be either single or double. It should be planted straight after being purchased; with the base of the leaves at the surface of the soil and the corm must be 3cm deep. The spacing between the plants should be 10cm and the lowest temperature that the plant can tolerate is -5°C. Although Hemerocallis can tolerate its soil being slightly dry, it should be watered regularly.


Clumps can be pulled apart and the new division can be replanted separately.


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