Haemanthus humilus

3 bulbs per pack


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Plant in semi-shade
Planting Depth: Neck exposed
Grows 10-40cm

Haemanthus humilis is represented by many small, varying populations. The species has round or compressed bulbs with even tunics and lax unspotted leaves that range from smooth to densely hairy. Flowers are white to deep pink with stamens well exerted or equal in length to the segments. Flowers are mostly present with the leaves or appear slightly before. There are two subspecies and they can be differentiated based on their inflorescence, number of spathe valves, and stamen exertions. This species requires summer water and is happy with a dilute amount of fertilizer during growth. It should be grown in part shade. The dormancy period tends to be short and the soil should be kept dry, although the bulbs seem happiest when the soil does not go bone dry.

Haemanthus humilis subsp. humilis is widespread but occurs in isolated and localised populations in specialised habitats, which may explain the great variation between populations. The adaxial (upper) surface may be smooth or pubescent, but the abaxial (back) surface is typically glabrous


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