Ammocharis coranica

2 bulbs per pack


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Position and soil:                 They originate in areas with very low rainfall and poor soils. Accordingly they are good candidates for sandy well-draining, nutrient-poor soils and little water in their dormant time.

Planting:                                They resent being moved and do not flower in the first year after transplanting. Summer-growing varieties need heavy drenching in summer.

Care:                                      Protect plants against lily borer. The summer growing-species should be kept dry in winter (do not lift, however)

Propogation:                        Seeds germinate easily in cultivation. A choice mix is something well drained with good organic matter (~1:1). Bulbs can grow rather large and will need free root-run before blooming. While in leaf, it responds well to fertilizers and will continue growing until the weather is cool enough for it to enter dormancy. It takes full advantage of water and will break dormancy immediately whenever water is available. After a dry winter dormancy, it only takes 3 days after watering to produce green growths of new leaves! When it dries out, it will go back into dormancy and await the next watering.

Product Description

A superb, but little-known, Amaryllid from South Africa. Strappy leaves lie flat on the soil and are borne at the same time as the flowers. This is a compact form making smaller bulbs and flower balls and it is well suited to pot cultivation.

The flower ball is a 15cm umbel of bright pink to crimson, strongly fragrant flowers borne in mid-summer, on a stem itself only 25 cm high. The scent alone is worth growing this for, but the flowers are every bit as good.

This is a summer-growing bulb and when in growth it can take normal watering but it needs a long, dry rest in the winter, when it is most important not to give any water at all. They adore a well-drained, sandy soil in full sun. Leave undisturbed for regular flowering, since, like most of the larger Amaryllidaceae they really do dislike their roots being disturbed.

Reputed to be able to take a degree or two of frost in the winter, but they need to be drier if kept cold.


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