Galtonia candicans

5 bulbs per pack


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Availability: Available from early July to late October
Deliveries: Delivery from mid September until early November
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Active during:          Summer

Common Name:      Berg lily, Galtonia

Family:                      Hyacinthaceae


True bulb; deciduous; summer-growing; winter-dormant.


Three or four species from the southern Drakensberg mountains and their foothills, South Africa.


The only species suitable ornamentally is G. candicans. It flowers for 6 weeks in summer.

Planting Instructions:

The bulbs should be planted in spring, just under ground level. They are most effective in groups of up to 20 bulbs, spaced about 15cm apart, in a sunny position.


Galtonia with stand quite severe frost. Water them regularly throughout spring and summer. Feed them occasionally with bulb food. They may be left in the same spot for up to four years, and then need to be relocated. Though they are dormant in winter, they can stand light watering, provided the drainage is good.


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