Gloriosa - Flame lily

2 bulbs per pack


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Availability: Available from early July to late November
Deliveries: Delivery from mid-September until early December
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Available from early July to late November
Delivery from mid-September until early December
Plant: September to late November
Flowers: November to January
Plant in full sun, all day
Spacing Distance: 10cm
Planting Depth: 7 to 10cm under soil
Grows: 50 to 70cm high
Indigenous to South Africa

Active during:         Summer

Common Name:     Flame lily, Climbing lily.

Family:                     Liliaceae (Colchicaceae)


Twin-jointed and fleshy corm; deciduous; summer-growing; winter-dormant; flowers in summer; excellent cut flower.


From the Eastern Cape northwards into central east Africa and Asia.


Twin tubers, with a centrally-jointed node, are formed a new annually from a runner at one end only. Narrow leaves tipped by tendrils anchor the stems to bushes and shrubs, through which they climb to a height of about 2 meters. The lily-like blooms measure about 8 cm long, consist of six narrow, wavy-edged, re-curved petals. Colours range from orange to yellow or bi-coloured, may be tinged with purple or red. Flower size varies considerably.

Planting Instructions:

The jointed tuber should be severed in the middle, if this has not already been done by the nurseryman. Each part may be planted horizontally about 10 cm below ground level.Do not plant the tuber before the soil has warmed in Spring.It is best to leave the roots undisturbed for several seasons after planting. They need a position of partial shade. The soil should be light and airy and have excellent drainage. They will rot in boggy clay soils and resent Winter watering. Gloriosa make excellent pot subjects and growing them in pots makes it easy to give them their dry Winter dormancy by simply either covering them or moving them into the garden shed.


Watering should be increased as the plants grow.Towards the end of summer when the leaves yellow, all watering should cease. The winter dormancy requirement is a full 5 months.During this time the plants must be kept dry but they should remain in Soil.It is important to water after flowering and not stop until the foliage dies down as it is between the flowering time and the onset of dormancy that the new tuber for the next season is formed.

Not for consumption

Toxic if eaten by humans or animals – Keep away from children and pets


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