15 bulbs per pack


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Availability: Available from early July to end November
Deliveries: Delivery from mid September until early November
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Available from early July to end November
Delivery from mid September until early November
Plant: September to late November
Flowers: December to February
Plant in full sun all day
Spacing Distance: 10cm
Planting Depth: 4cm under soil
Grows: 50cm high

May be harmful if eaten by humans or animals – Keep away from children and pets

Active during:               Summer

Common Name:          One-day lily, Mexican shell flower, tiger flower, tiger lily, peacock flower

Family:                          Iridaceae

Type:                              True bulb; deciduous; summer-growing, winter-dormant; flowers in mid-summer.

Origin:                           23 species from Mexico.


The flowers consist of three large petals. They have shallow cups and are open-faced. Blooms are triangular and measure some 10cm across. The colours of modern hybrids range from bright red, yellow, pink and purple to orange, salmon and white. The centres of the floral cups are contrastingly spotted. Single blooms last only one day but each stalk produces several blooms which flower successively. The plants flower for six weeks. They stand about 70cm tall.

Planting Instructions:

Plant the bulbs in spring. Select a sunny position in the herbaceous border. Tigridia like well-loosened and composted soil with good drainage. Space the bulbs about 10cm apart and 5cm deep.Groups of 10 bulbs make an attractive display.


Regular, deep watering from planting time until the onset of dormancy in late autumn will ensure good flowering the following summer. In areas with very wet winters it is advisable to lift and store the bulbs. If drainage is good they may be left in the ground even in a winter-watered garden. Plants grown from seed will bloom in the second spring after sowing. If the soil is well-composted, offsets will form readily.


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