Zantedeschia Persia

1 bulb per pack


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Availability: Available from 1 July until 31 October
Deliveries: Delivery from mid September until early November
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May be harmful if eaten by humans or animals – Keep away from children and pets

Active during:                    Summer

Common Name:               Calla lily, Arum lily, Arum, Pig lily

Family:                              Araceae

Type:                                 Tuber; deciduous; summer-growing, winter-dormant; excellent cut flower.

Origin:Five species from South Africa.

Zantedeschia persia

Plant once as soon as you have received them, but not later than end October.

They prefer full-sun to semi shade. Loosen the soil  well. Plant the bulbs with the point upwards, space them about 20 cm apart and cover  with 5 cm of soil. Keep continually moist to root level, especially in pots & containers.

Height: 50 cm

Flowering time: Early December/ January

May be left in situ or lifted in May



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