Capi - Lux Elegant Tapered - Dark Grey

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Lux Heraldry range:

  • Dark Grey
  • Tapered, round
  • Dimensions: 14.5 X 14.5 X 15.5 cm

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About Capi Europe

Capi Europe designs and produces planters with different styles and textures for both indoor and outdoor use. Production takes place in Tilburg, The Netherlands to ensure they keep their special design and high quality. These products are light weight, with a robust and weather resistant exterior.

These planters look great in your garden, on a balcony, with every plant and for every style. All planters have their own design and are available in various colours and shapes.

Lux Heraldry range:

  • Dark Grey
  • Tapered, round
  • Dutch Design
  • Frost-resistant
  • UV Resistant
  • Dimensions: 14.5 X 14.5 X 15.5 cm

Capi Lux Heraldry planters are sustainably produced in the Netherlands.It has as beautiful diamond structure, which gives the planter a natural appearance. A special insulation layer protects the plant from heat in the summer and from frost in the winter.


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