Efekto - Cypermethrin 200 EC - 50ml

1 x 50ml


Emulsifiable Concentrate Insecticide

For use on Crops as Indicated

For Control of:

  • Lilly Borer
  • False Codling Moth
  • America Bollworm
  • Pests as listed

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An emulsifiable concentrate contact and stomach insecticide for use on crops as indicated.


  • Low toxic synthetic pyrethroid, which is effective at very low levels.
  • Ideal general contact insecticide – controls a wide range of insects.
  • Safe to use on ornamental plants.
  • Low toxicity towards mammals.


Allow the following number of days between last application and harvesting or feeding/grazing (F).

  • Macadamias, Rooibos tea – 30 days
  • Citrus, Grapes – 28 days
  • Apples, Pears, Table Peaches, Plums, Maize, Sweetcorn – 14 days
  • Beans, Peas – 7 days
  • Tomatoes, Cruciferae – 4 days
  • Canning Peaches – 3 days


CYPERMETHRIN 200 EC may only be used if:

  • The harvest at the time of application of CYPERMETHRIN 200 EC is free of scales (Red-, Purple-, Mussel- and Soft brown scale).
  • A preventive spray programme to control Red Scale and mealybug is used in the beginning of the following season; after a CYPERMETHRIN 200 EC application.
  • Producers in regions with a mild climate are warned against the possibilities of a Redmite (Panonychus citri) flare-up when CYPERMETHRIN 200 EC will be used for False codling moth control.

Directions for Use: Use only as indicated.


Aerial application of CYPERMETHRIN 200 EC may only be done by a registered aerial application operator using a registered and correctly calibrated aircraft according to the instructions of SANS Code 10118 (Aerial Application of Agricultural Pesticides). Ensure that the spray mixture is distributed evenly over the target area and that the loss of spray material during application is restricted to a minimum. It is therefore essential that the following criteria be met;

  • Volume:A spray mixture volume of 30 ℓ per hectare is recommended. As this product has not been evaluated at a reduced volume rate, the registration holder cannot guarantee efficacy, or be held responsible for any adverse effects if this product is applied aerially at a lower volume rate than recommended above.
  • Droplet coverage:30 to 40 droplets per cm² must be recovered at the target area.
  • Droplet size:A droplet spectrum with a VMD of 250 to 280 microns is recommended. Limit the production of fine droplets less than 150 microns (high drift and evaporation potential) to a minimum.
  • Flying height: Maintain the height of the spray boom at 3 to 4 metres above the target. Do not spray when aircraft dives, is in a climb or when banking.
  • Use suitable atomizing equipment that will produce the desired droplet size and coverage, but which will ensure the minimum loss of product. The spraying system must produce a droplet spectrum with the lowest possible Relative Span.
  • Position all the atomizers within the inner 60to 75 % of the wingspan to prevent droplets from entering the wing tip vortices.
  • The difference in temperature between the wet and dry bulb thermometers, of a whirling hygrometer, should not exceed 8°C.
  • Stop spraying if the wind speed exceeds 15 km/h.•Stopspraying under turbulent, unstable and dry conditions during the heat of the day.
  • Spraying under temperature inversion conditions (spraying in or above the inversion layer) and/or high humidity conditions (relative humidity 80 % and above) may lead to the following:
    • – reduced efficacy due to suspension and evaporation of small droplets in the air (inadequate coverage),
    • – damage to other sensitive crops and/or non-target areas through drifting of the suspended spray cloud away from the target field
  • Ensure that the Aerial Spray Operator knows exactly which fields to spray.

Obtain an assurance from the Aerial Spray Operator that the above requirements will be met and that relevant data will be compiled in a logbook and kept for future reference.

Half fill the spray tank with clean water. Measure out the required quantity of CYPERMETHRIN 200 EC and premix this with at least 10 litres of water. Add this to the spray tank while agitating the mixture. Fill the spray tank while maintaining agitation to ensure thorough mixing of the spray mixture before spraying commences. Maintain agitation during the whole spraying operation.

In the case of aerial application by fixed wing aircraft it is recommended that the swath width should not exceed 20 m in the case of Piper Pawnee or an AgCat, 23 m for an AgCat 450B and 25 m for an Agwagon or a Thrush Commander. In the case of rotary wing aircraft it is recommended that a flying speed of 80 km/h should not be exceeded. Use in 30 litre water per hectare. Cease application when wind speed exceeds 15 km/h or if difference in readings on wet and dry bulb thermometers exceeds 8 °C.

All spray applications must be made with suitable equipment that is in good working order and correctly calibrated to give the desired coverage for that particular method of application.

The efficacy of CYPERMETHRIN 200 ECcan be harmed at high pH value of the spray mixture. It is more stable at a pH of around 4. Where an acidifying agent is used to lower the pH of the water, the agent must be added to the water before the CYPERMETHRIN 200 EC. Prepared spray mixture must not be left in the spray tank for any length of time e.g. overnight. The addition of molasses has an acidifying effect and reduces evaporation of the spray mist. For ground application add 10 % molasses by volume and 20 % for aerial application.

COMPATIBILITY: Not compatible with several adjuvants or any spray oils, sea weed extracts, amitraz, dodine, Tokuthion or Kilval.

Active Ingredients:

  • Cypermethrin (Pyrethroid) 200 g/ℓ (HARMFUL / SKADELIK)

Reg. No. L4069 N-AR0945 Act No. 36 of 1947


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