Agapanthus praecox - Blue

10 bulbs per pack


Also known as lily of the Nile, African lily and Blue lily

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Availability Period: February to May and July to November
Delivery from mid-March until early June and mid-September early December
Plant in full sun to semi-shade
Spacing Distance: 50cm
Planting Depth: Neck just below ground level
Mature Height: 30cm-1.5m
Suitable as a cut flower

Agapanthus praecox subsp. praecox occurs in Eastern Cape, it is generally 0.8 to 1 m tall and flowers in mid to late summer (December – February). It is distinguished from the other two subspecies by its longer perianth segments (50 mm or longer) and fewer leaves (10-11 per plant) which are leathery and suberect (spreading rather than arching). Flowers are open-faced and medium blue.

Agapanthus is a very variable genus, yet they are all broadly similar in appearance, with rhizomatous roots, strap-like leaves and an umbellate inflorescence on a stalk held above the leaves

Agapanthus praecox, one of the evergreens, is an extremely variable species consisting of three subspecies: subsp. praecox, subsp. orientalis and subsp. minimus.  It can be recognized by its 6-20 leaves per individual plant. These leaves are strap-like and may be leathery or flaccid, narrow or broad, short or long and have blunt or pointed tips. Although this description is very broad, it is relatively easy to tell it apart from the other evergreen species: A. africanus is restricted to Western Cape, mainly from the Cape Peninsula to Paarl and Stellenbosch, and as far eastwards as Swellendam. Its range does not overlap with that of A. praecox. It is small, 250 to 700 mm, flowers in late summer (December to April) and its perianth is thick or fleshy in texture and the leaves are leathery.


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