Tulips - Strong Gold

10 bulbs per pack


  • Treated Tulips
  • Darwin
  • Bright golden yellow

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Availability Period: February
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Plant in semi-shade
Spacing Distance: 8cm
Planting Depth: 5cm
Mature Height: 30cm
Suitable as a cut flower


How to plant, care for and grow Tulip

Family Liliaceae
Name derived from The Farsi (Persian) word for turban which is toliban
Common name Tulip
Sun Exposure Semi-shade.
Flower Colours Large variety
Frost Tolerance High


Fun fact: the tulip was introduced to European gardens in 1572.

Fun fact: the price of tulips in the 17th century were similar to prices of expensive houses.

The tulip is a true bulb. There are 109 species and they are originally from regions with mild temperatures such as: Europe, North Africa, Eastern Mediterranean, Eastern Europe and across Asia (including Turkey, Pakistan, Syria, Iran and Afghanistan). Thousands of hybrids exist.  Be careful to only buy tulips that are suitable to a slightly warmer climate such as South Africa’s. At maturity, the plant will reach a height of 30cm.

Seasons and planting

Jan Feb March April May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec


The soil needed by tulips is well-draining and should contain humus to retain moisture. Once planted, apply a thick mulch to protect the bulbs from the sun. When planting, the bulb should be at a depth of 5cm and the spacing between the plants should be 8cm. The lowest temperature that the tulip can tolerate is -5°C.

Water the tulips every three days and ensure you water them deeply so that it can reach the tulips roots. The roots must not dry out. Tulips in South Africa should be treated as annual flowers and bought each season as they cannot withstand the warmer climate.



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