Bulbine natalensis

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Growing Bulbine flowers are a good accent for a flower bed or a mixed container. Bulbine plants (Bulbine spp.), with star-shaped blooms in yellow or orange, are tender perennials that add wispy color during the spring and summer. In warmer zones, Bulbine plants bloom throughout the year.

Caring for Bulbine doesn’t require much effort and neglect doesn’t prevent the delicate blooms from rising 12 to 18 inches above clumping, onion-like foliage. Bulbine plants are adaptable to many soil types. Growing Bulbine flowers is a good choice for gardens in arid areas, as Bulbine plants are drought tolerant. In fact, these flowers are often found in rock gardens with poor soil just for this reason.

Bulbine flowers add color in the herb garden; sap of the succulent leaves is used medicinally in the same way as gel of the aloe vera plant, leading to the common name of burn jelly plant. Locate them in a sunny to lightly shaded area of the garden. Plant the rhizomes in well draining soil and water weekly, at least until plants are established. Once established, the plant is drought tolerant, though it benefits from supplemental water during times of drought. Feed monthly with a balanced fertilizer. Deadhead spent blooms to encourage more flowers. Use in containers to overwinter in a sunny window.


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