Garlic allium sativum

50 cloves per pack


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Availability: Available from 1 Feb to 30 May
Deliveries: Delivery from mid March to end May
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• Buying Time: March and April
• Planting Time: March and April
• Growing Time: May, June, July and August
• Lifting Time: September and October
• Resting Time: September, October November, December, January, February, March and April.

Allium sativum, commonly known as garlic, has been used throughout documented history for culinary and medicinal purposes. Each “head” produces a cluster of about twelve white to mauve-tinted cloves. Garlic is notoriously pungent when raw, but mellows with cooking, particularly when mixed with onion, tomato and ginger. It can be crushed, chopped, or used whole to create zesty, flavoursome dishes.

Garlic is extremely frost-hardy, so if you want to grow your own, plant viable bulbs just below ground level, between 8-20cm apart, in well composted, well-drained soil, and bumper crops should be ready by September. After harvesting, and to prolong shelf-life, dry the garlic heads in a warm, well-ventilated spot for 24 hours

Avoid consumption by animals – Keep away from pets


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