Hemerocallis Mini Grapette (miniature) – 4 plants per pack – ALL YEAR


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Product Description

Toxic to humans and cats: Avoid consumption by humans and cats

Active during:                  Summer
Common Name:               Day lily, One-day lily
Family:                              Liliaceae (Hemerocallidaceae)

Rhizomatous tuberous root; deciduous or evergreen.

East Asia, China and Japan. From just 15 species, over 20000 registered hybrids have been produced.

Plants form clumps with numerous stems, growing mostly 1-2m tall. The flowers last only a single day, but numerous buds are produced if the soils is rich and kept adequately watered.The blooms are six-petaled and colours range from lemony yellow to orange, wine red, pink and mauve.

Planting Instructions:
These plants are ideal for the mixed perennial border. They require a position in full sun.

Hemerocallis thrive in a quite, wide climatic range and are long-lived.If well watered and fed, they bloom profusely.They may be dug up every four or five years and the clumps divided. Guard against slugs and snails

Iris Bearded – 3 Plants per Packet

• Full Sun or Morning sun, Afternoon Shade
• Grows: 80 – 110cm
• Roots just below soil
• Spacing: 20cm apart
• Plant: March – May
• Flowers: Sep / Oct / Nov