Hyacinthoides – Blue – 15 bulbs per pack – MARCH/MAY


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Hyacinthoides Blue – 15 Bulbs per Packet
Hyacinthoides spend most of the year as bulbs underground in ancient woodlands, only emerging to flower and leaf from early spring. This early spring flowering allows them to make the most of the sunlight that is still able to make it to their forest floor habitat and attracts the attention of plenty of pollinating insects.

The Bluebell’s Latin name, Hyacinthoides, comes from a Greek myth: when the Prince Hyacinthus died, the tears of the god Apollo spelled the word ‘alas’ on the petals of the hyacinth flower that sprang up from his blood. Non-scripta means unlettered and distinguishes this bluebell from the similar-looking hyacinth.

Hyacinthoides requires well draining soil and a cool location. Plant after soil temperatures have cooled – May is best. Ensure sand is mixed in with the soil to allow good drainage. Spacing 10cm apart with 5cm of soil above the corm. Mulch is recommended, but no fresh compost to be used. Semi- shade.
Keep continually moist to root level, especially in pots. To check this, use Hadeco’s moisture meter. If you wish to save the bulbs for next year, keep them growing strongly with regular watering and feeding with Hadeco bulb food.

Lift for Summer, dust with a fungicide and store dry at room temperature.

Flowering time – July to September

Position: Semi-shade
Available: March to May
Plants; May
Flowers: July to September
Grows: 25cm high
Spacing: 10cm apart
Depth: 5cm under soil