Hymenocallis advance Large

5 bulbs per pack


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Active during:    Summer

Common Name:   Spider lily

Family:                  Amaryllidaceae


True bulb; deciduous; summer-growing, winter-dormant; long-lasting cut flower.


About 40 species from the sub-tropical regions of the Americas.


Flowers have stamens fused into a tubular corona, which opens out into six slender, re-curved petals. The sweetly fragrant white flowers are borne on stout, 60cm stems. Luxurious long leaves complement and give balance to the plant.

Planting Instructions:

Spider lilies are striking accent plants in a mixed border. They are also very much at home as pot plants on patios. The bulbs are large and should be planted with necks at ground level. The soil should be rich in organic matter such as good compost and must be well drained. Spider lilies prefer filtered light. Partial shade under trees will provide this.


Although spider lilies are tender to frost, they can be grown and overwintered in gardens in our climate. Water copiously and feed them regularly from planting time until the end of summer. Keep them fairly dry during winter. Potted plants may be laid on their sides or dug up and stored dry during winter. Propagation is easy from offsets and spider lilies are trouble-free apart from possible attack by snails and slugs.


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