Ipheion Value Pack – 200 bulbs per pack – MARCH/MAY


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Product Description

The ipheion, a true bulb, has its origins in the temperate regions of South America. A grouping of 20 or more bulbs makes for a delicate, eye catching show in spring. Also known as the Spring Star Flower, ipheions are ideal for covering banks in full sun. Alternatively they can be used to add gentle colour accents to the dappled shade of a woodland setting. Ipheions are also very successful when grown in pots and containers on a bright windowsill.

The bulbs themselves are small and will adapt to any type of soil, just as long as the gardener loosens it well. During their growing period in winter and spring, they should be kept well watered. To ensure that they continue to do well from season to season feed the bulbs with a specially formulated bulb food once the flowers begin to fade.

Because ipheions multiply so readily from offsets, after a couple of years they become over-crowded, so lifting and dividing is recommended. To give them more space in which to grow, lift and replant the bulbs in summer once all their foliage has been allowed to die down naturally. Snails and slugs enjoy their foliage so take adequate precautions. Most other pests bypass this delightful little flower. Ipheions are also frost hardy which makes them suitable for most of our gardens.

Morning sun, Afternoon shade
Available: March to May
Plant: Mid -April to Mid-June
Flowers: August to September
Grows; 20cm high
Spacing: 5cm apart
Depth: 2cm under soil