Iris Bearded Desert Echo – 3 plants per pack – ALL YEAR


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May be harmful if eaten by humans or animals – Keep away from children and pets

Bearded irises are evergreen perennials and are found in all the colours of the rainbow, hence called the ‘Rainbow Flower’ (‘Iris’ is also the name for the Greek Goddess of the rainbow.) Plant in full sun to half shade.  Bearded Irises and Daylilies are extremely good companion plants as they provide gardeners with an extended flowering period in their garden when planted together. Bearded irises are extremely WATERWISE, frost and drought resistant.

• Full Sun or Morning sun, Afternoon Shade
• Grows: 80 – 110cm
• Roots just below soil
• Spacing: 20cm apart
• Plant: March – May
• Flowers: Sep / Oct / Nov