Muscari Plumosum – 15 bulbs per pack – MARCH/MAY


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May be harmful if eaten by humans or animals – Keep away from children and pets

Grape hyacinths are hardy, easy to grow, and have long-lasting blooms–no garden should be without them. This species, also known as the feather hyacinth, has slender airy filaments and resembles a red-violet plume. It’s completely unlike its grapy cousins in color and form, and makes a good, 10-inch cut flower. The bulbs themselves have a distinct pink color and produce toothlike bulblets that grow to flowering size in just one season.

Noteworthy Characteristics:  Adaptable to various growing conditions, but must have well-drained soil.
Care:  Likes fertile, moist but well-drained alkaline soil in full sun. Will take part shade. Plant 3 to 4 inches deep in groups or drifts in fall. Lift and divide when dormant in late summer or early fall.

Propagation:  Divide when dormant; remove offsets in summer; sow seed in containers in a cold frame in fall.

Position: Morning sun, Afternoon shade
Available: March to May
Plant: Mid-April to May
Flowers: August to September
Grows: 15cm high
Spacing: 5cm apart
Depth: 3cm under soil