Onion sets

35 bulbs per pack


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Avoid consumption by animals – Keep away from pets

Onion – Allium cepa

• Buying Time: March and April
• Planting Time: March and April
• Growing Time: May, June, July and August
• Lifting Time: September and October
• Resting Time: September, October November, December, January, February, March and April.

The common onion (Allium cepa), with its tan skin and creamy flesh, is most frequently grown in South Africa, but for variety, plant some of the numerous cultivars on the market. Hybrids may be sweet or strong-flavoured, and pearly white, yellow, brown or red in colour. Sizes and shapes vary from small to very large, and round or flat-topped to bulbous with pointed tops.

Different cultivars require varying numbers of daylight hours to “bulb”, so chat to your supplier about which onions grow well in your area. Ideally, plant “sets” – small immature bulbs – as they grow quicker than seed, and will be ready for picking in five to six months.


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