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Pokon Bonsai Plant food
Bonsai trees require special care. This perfectly balanced plant food has been especially developed to help you grow healthy and vital bonsai trees.
Instructions for use
• Give Pokon Bonsai Plant food once a week between the months of August to May.
• Use 5 ml of fertilizer per litre of water.
Pokon Bonsai Plant food is a liquid plant food with an NPK ratio of 4-6-6 and extra micro-nutrients.
Where to buy
Pokon Bonsai Plant food is available in most garden centres in convenient 250 ml bottles.
• Location: Bonsai trees like plenty of light, but avoid direct sunlight. Do not place above heaters.
• Watering: Do not water too much, and definitely don’t give little water. During the summer months, soak your bonsai trees in water once or twice a month.
• Repot your plants: Bonsai trees generally need to be re-potted once every two years. Use our special Pokon Bonsai Soil.
• Training: Training is a special technique for controlling the direction in which trunk and branches grow. Use wire of various thicknesses and wire clippers.

1 x 250ml

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