Polianthes - The Pearl

15 bulbs per pack


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Availability: Available from early July to end November
Deliveries: Delivery from mid September until early November
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Available from early July to end November
Delivery from mid September until early November
Plant: September to late November
Flowers: January to March
Plant in Morning to Afternoon shade
Spacing Distance: 20cm
Planting Depth: Just below soil surface
Grows: 50cm high
Suitable as a pot plant

Active during:           Summer

Common Name:       Tuberose

Family:                       Agavaceae

Type:                           Tuber;  deciduous;  summer-growing, winter-dormant; flowers in midsummer; popular cut flower.

Origin:                        Species from Mexico.


Only the cultivar form of P. tuberosa, called the Pearl, is commonly grown and generally available. Tuberosa have a dense cylinder of waxy white flowers, packed along the top of a stout stem, about 1m tall. The blooms are very strongly scented, with a heady, almost overpowering perfume.

Planting Instructions:

Tuberosa look their best in groups of 10 to 20 in the middle level of the mixed herbaceous border. The tubers should be planted in early spring, in soil loosened to a depth of about 20cm.Incorporate enough compost to make the soil loose, friable and porous. Plant the tubers with the pointed ends upward, with about 5cm of soil covering them and space them 10cm apart. Tuberosa do best in full sun, although they will also bloom well in partial shade.


Although frost will kill the above-ground parts of tuberosa, the tubers are quite safe underground in our climatic conditions. Water tuberosa regularly and deeply throughout spring and summer. Feed them periodically with old farmyard manure. The tubers may also be lifted at the onset of dormancy in early winter and kept out of the soil. Offsets form readily, so you can easily increase your stock by breaking these off when lifting the tubers.


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