Scadoxus puniceus

3 bulbs per pack


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Scadoxus puniceus – 3 Bulb per Packet
Also known as Snake Lily
The flowers are followed by lovely colourful red berries that attract many birds. Easy to grow; it prefers partial shade but can tolerate deep shade and frost.

Scadoxus resent being lifted and will not flower for one or more seasons thereafter but they are so different, so striking that they are well worth waiting for!

Once planted, they should not be disturbed for many years. They need rich, well-composted, friable soil with excellent drainage.
• Semi – Shade
• Flowering Height: 40cm
• Planting Depth: 10cm
• Spacing: 30cm apart
• Plant: May – Aug
• Flowers: Oct – Dec
• Suitable as a cut flower
• Suitable as a pot plant


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