Seed Potatoes - BP 1

2kg bag


Average Tuber Count per Bag: +/- 20

Estimated Growth Period: 90-110 days from emergence to natural foliage die-back.

Preferred Planting Temperature: Not lower than 4ºC and stored away from any air inlets.

Best used as a table potato.

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Availability: Available from early February to late May
Deliveries: Delivery from early June until late August
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May to September

Physical properties

The tubers of BP1 are oval and slightly flat shaped with shallow eyes and have white flesh and skin.

The flower

BP1 forms many flowers that are blue with snow-white edges.


The tuber rest period of the BP1 is short (50-70 days at room temperature from natural foliage death until sprouting). The rest period of progeny tubers are shortened considerably if the mother plants are exposed to heat and/or water strain during the growth season.

Growth period

BP1 is a strong upright grower that develops quickly and provides good foliage. The growth period is medium to long (90 – 110 days from emergence to natural foliage die-back).

BP1 tubers are sensitive to low temperatures and damage may occur during cold storage. Therefore, BP1 should preferably not be planted at temperatures lower than 4ºC and stored away from any air inlets.


Immune to wart diseases.


Late Blight and Early Blight susceptible, controllable with spray program. Moderate susceptible to virus diseases and very susceptible common scab.

Variety owned

Open variety.


Most common use

BP1 potatoes are of a good eating quality and solid cooking type, however, tends to turn blue-grey to black after cooking. Due to the discoloration, this potato is not recommended for the use of chips and frozen chips. It is best used as a table potato with an average relative density (SG).


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