Seed Potatoes - Fianna

2kg bag


Average Tuber Count per Bag: +/- 20

Estimated Growth Period: 100 – 120 days from emergence to natural foliage die-back

Suitable for processing to chips and frozen chips.

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Availability: Available from early February to late May
Deliveries: Delivery from early June until late August
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May to September

Physical properties

Fianna potatoes are oval-shaped with a smooth to medium smooth skin that is pale yellow in colour. It has white flesh with shallow eyes.

The flower

Fianna plants have white flowers.


Fianna has a medium to long dormancy period. The tuber rest period is long – 70 – 90 days from natural foliage death until sprouting.

Growth period

Fianna is a fairly strong grower with good to dense foliage coverage. The plants are tall and stems erect with a medium to long growth period of 100 – 120 days from emergence to natural foliage die-back.


Fianna has good resistance against Mosaic Virus.


Fianna is mildly susceptible to Early Blight, Late Blight and Common scab.

Variety owned

Licensed in South Africa– First Potato Dynamics.

Most common use

Fianna potatoes are fairly firm to floury. With a high relative density (SG) it is suitable for processing to chips and frozen chips. The big advantage of this variety is that it can be used for the fresh market and processing. The good internal quality of the tubers weakens gradually after natural foliage death.


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