Seed Potatoes Hertha – Avg tuber count per bag +/- 20 (MAY-SEPT)


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Hertha plants are tall and semi-erect to spreading. They have weakly pigmented stems, prominent wings and very slightly swollen nodes.

The leaves are medium green and open with midribs and petioles that are not pigmented. The tubers are round/oval to round shaped with a smooth, yellow skin and a light yellow flesh. They have shallow eyes that are few to intermediate in number, predominantly apical and have very slightly prominent eyebrows.

The flower

Hertha has numerous, medium to large corolla that are white with a medium to very prominent star, has a yellow-orange anther and non-pigmented flower buds.


With a good storability, Hertha has a medium dormancy period of 40 – 50 days.

Growth period

Hertha potatoes have a medium to long growth period of about 90 – 110 days from emergence to natural foliage die-back.

This high-yielding variety is suitable for all types of soil. The foliage development is rather quick and gives good soil cover.


Hertha has a moderate resistance to virus diseases and common scab.


Hertha is moderately susceptible for bruising and internal black spot (warm tubers before grading to prevent internal black spot). Late Blight and Early Blight susceptibility is medium but it is controllable with a spray program. Careful harvesting is desirable and good skin set is necessary.

Variety owned

Open variety.

Most common use

Hertha potatoes are good for boiling, baking, chipping and especially French-frying with its high dry matter. No trace of discoloration.


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