Seed Potatoes Mnandi – Avg tuber count per bag +/- 20 (MAY-SEPT)


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Physical properties

Mnandi plants are tall, have erect stems, develop rapidly and give good to dense foliage cover. The tubers are oval with a smooth, pale-yellow skin and flesh, and have shallow eyes.

The flower

Mnandi plants carry many snow-white flowers.


The tubers of the Mnandi are good all-rounders with a medium to long dormancy period of about 70 days from burn off.

Growth period

Mnandi has a medium to long growth period of 90-110 days from emergence to natural foliage die-back. It has a high yield potential and is very stable over various locations and seasons.


Mnandi shows good resistance against Early Blight , Late Blight, Potato leaf roll Virus and PVY and medium resistant to Common scab.


Mnandi has low susceptibility to Blackleg due to environmental conditions.

Variety owned

Open variety.

Most common use

Mnandi potatoes are a floury cooking type of good eating quality.

Roast and boil.

It has poor dry matter content and is not well suited for processing



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