Waterblommetjies – 5 bulbs per pack – MARCH/MAY


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Product Description

• Buying Time: March and April
• Planting Time: March, April and May
• Growing Time: October, November, December, January, February, April and May
• Lifting Time: March

Waterblommetjies are well entrenched in South African folklore, famed in song, fable and recipe. They originate from the Boland, with its wet winters, but are very adaptable and may be grown throughout South Africa.
Also known as the water hawthorn, waterblommetjies store nutrients in tuberous rhizomes. This is to tide them over dry summers, when the ponds and vleis often dry up in their native habitat. Once the first rains of autumn arrive, filling the dams, waterblommetjies push up their decorative oblong leaves. These spread out over the surface of the pond. From mid-winter until early spring, white spikes of 8cm long hawthorn-scented flowers project above the water’s surface. Both flowers and foliage can withstand light frost.

Morning sun, Afternoon shade
Available: March to Mid-May
Plant: March to Mid-May
Flowers: August to November
Grows: n/a
Spacing: n/a
Depth: 10 to 60cm under water