Zephyranthes mixed

30 bulbs per pack


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Active during:    Summer

Common Name:               Rain lily, Storm lily, Fairly lily, West wind lily

Family:                  Amaryllidaceae


True bulb; deciduous or evergreen, depending on species and climatic conditions; flowers in spring.


71 species from the southern parts of North America, Central and South America.


Zephyranthes are closely related to Hippeastrum.Only Z. grandiflora from Mexico and Guatemala is available commercially. Its upright, 15cm long trumpet-shaped flowers are deep pink and are carried on 30cm stems. The leaves are narrow and strap-shaped.

Planting Instructions:

Zephyranthes are best displayed in the foreground of a mixed border or rockery, in a sunny or lightly shaded spot. The bulbs should be planted with the neck just at ground level and should be spaced quite closely for the best effect. The best time for transplanting is in late winter or early spring. The soil must be loosened to a depth of about 20cm, then enriched by working in well-decomposed manure and compost. Well-drained yet moisture-retentive soil is preferred.


Watering should take place regularly during spring and summer. During winter no water is needed but the bulbs will tolerate winter-watered gardens if drainage is good. The bulbs may be left in the same spot for many years, until overcrowding from offsets makes replanting necessary. Zephyranthes are not host to many pests and diseases but lily borers may attack the foliage.


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