Pokon - Cactus and Succulent Plant Food - Box of 15

15 x 250ml bottle


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Pokon Cacti and Succulents Plant food

Cacti and succulents require special care. This perfectly balanced plant food has been especially developed for cacti and succulents and ensures healthy growth and a profusion of flowers.

Instructions for use:

• Give the plant Cacti Plant food once a week.
• Use 10 ml of Cacti Plant food per litre of water.
• Do not give plant food between June and August.

What season?
Cacti go through a period of rest, a period of flowering and a period of growth.
• Rest period: June to August. Temperature between 8 and 15°C. Do not give plant food or water in this period.
• Flowering period: October to March. Do not place in direct sunlight in this period and feed once per two weeks.
• Growth period: After flowering. Temperature between 20 and 30°C. Place in a well-ventilated, light and sunny spot and feed once per two weeks.

Pokon Cacti and succulent Plant food is a solution of NPK nutrients in a ratio of 4-7-7

• Watering Cacti and succulents prefer natural rainwater. If you do not have access to rainwater, then use tap water at room temperature.
• Re-pot cacti in small pots every year and cacti in large pots every two to three years. Preferably repot your cacti before they flower in the spring. Use our special Pokon Cactus Soil for potting.


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