Pokon - Orchid Growing Medium

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Pokon Orchid Soil:


  • Pokon Orchid Soil is composed of high quality natural materials.
  • Orchids need a lot of air around the roots, therefore the ground has an airy structure.
  • Water is well maintained and your plants can easily reach the nutrition.
  • Available in 5L.

Guaranteed quality

This potting soil meets the demands of the independent RHP Trademark. Therefore we can guarantee this is a safe and reliable product.


  • Stimulates root development
  • Prolongs potting life of orchids
  • Maintains the quality of flowers


  • Pokon Orchid Soil is suitable for all orchids.
  • This bark-based substrate has an open and airy structure and allows water to drain off very efficiently.
  • This enables the roots to develop optimally and they will not drown. The soil thus forms the best substrate for orchids and stimulates them to optimal development.


  • Reduces Orchid waste


  • Always use a clean pot
  • Place one layer of hydrokorrels at the bottom of the pot
  • Place one layer of Orchid Soil on top of the hydrokorrels
  • Remove old soil from plant and remove all damaged roots
  • Place plant in pot and fill with Orchid Soil.
  • Water sufficiently.

When repotting?

Repot the orchid once every one-and-a-half to two years.

Orchids like to grow in a limited space, so do not select a pot that is too big.

There must be holes at the bottom of the pot to let excess water drain off.




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