Pokon - Vegetable Garden Fertiliser - Box

8 x 1 kg Carton


  • Made from plant-based materials
  • 100% natural raw materials


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Product Information:

Pokon Vegetable Garden Fertilizer is an organic manure packed with nutrients especially for fruit and vegetable in your vegetable garden. The addition of extra potassium means this organic plant food also offers a lot of extra vitality and firmness.

The addition of seaweed activates microorganisms. It optimizes the effect of the nutrients and contains trace elements.

  • 100% natural raw materials.
  • Safe for humans and pets
  • Provides nutrients for up to 120 days

Instructions for use:

  1. Measure out the right amount of fertilizer. Use approx. 50 gm per M2 for the vegetable garden. Plants in the garden require some 15-20 gm of fertilizer per dose.Young plants and pot plants can suffice with 5-10 gm per plant.  You can determine the correct dose using the measuring spoon enclosed.
  2. Spread the granules evenly around the base of the plant
  3. Rake the granules through the topsoil
  4. Water the soil to activate the fertilizer immediately.



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