Easygro Starter - Foliar Feed for Air Plants

1x 100g


A water-soluble fertiliser with micro elements for foliar feeding and fertigation.

1 heaped scoop/litre of water

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A water soluble 2:1:2 (43) fertiliser with micro elements for foliar feeding.

  • EASYGRO Starter is recommended for use during plant growth periods that require relatively high phosphorus levels such as seedlings, transplants and young plants, and also during periods of stress when active root growth is essential or has been reduced.
  • EASYGRO Starter is a completely water-soluble fertiliser and chlorine-free. EASYGRO Starter is readily taken up by the plant and is formulated for use as both a foliar feed and for fertigation.
  • EASYGRO Starter is compatible with most agrochemicals.  It is however advisable to do a miscibility test prior to mixing with other chemicals. The rate of application is dependant on the soil fertility and the reaction required. The lower rates should be used for maintenance while the higher rates will correct nutritional deficiencies.
  • EASYGRO Starter should preferably be applied in the early morning or late afternoon.

Directions for use:

  • Use only as directed – 1 heaped scoop/litre water.
  • Do not apply to plants that are undergoing a period of moisture or heat stress.

EDTA chelated

Reg No. K5241, Act No 36 of 1947


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