Bamboo Palm

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  • 14cm nursery pot
  • Height: 105 – 110cm
  • Plant level: Easy – Medium
  • Known air purifier


Dypsis Lutescens ‘Bamboo Palm’ Care Guide

Scientific name: Dypsis lutescens

Common names: Areca palm, bamboo palm, parlor palm, butterfly palm

Displaying exquisite full foliage, this plant is a perfect feature for your home. It is fairly easy to look after and is a very popular indoor plant.

  • Water: It is best to keep the soil moist during warm months but be sure to give them intermittent dry spells occasionally. Be sure not to over water your indoor plant. When it is winter, let the soil become dry between waterings.
  • Light: This pot plant is able to handle very soft morning sun. They do best in bright, indirect light.
  • Humidity: You won’t need to worry too much about humidity when it comes to Dypsis lutescens. A top tip is that if you see the leaf tips starting to crisp up then give them some more humidity.
  • Fertilize: It loves to be given balanced liquid fertilizer twice a month in both spring and summer.

Fun fact: They are a great air purifying plant and they will remove any harmful toxins from the environment they are placed in.

One last tip: keep your plant out of a direct breeze and awau from an aircon as this will make their leaf tips crisp.


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