Delicious Monster

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Monstera deliciosa ‘Delicious Monster’

  • 14cm nursery pot
  • Creates distinct “leaf holes”
  • Plant Level: Easy
  • Year-round lush green foliage


Monstera deliciosa ‘Delicious Monster’

Scientific Name: Monstera deliciosa
Common names: Delicious monster, swiss cheese plant

This majestic indoor plant has a graceful presence. It is the perfect plant for anyone new to gardening or anyone looking for an easy to care for green splash.

  • Water: This perfect princess needs its soil to be kept moist. Be sure not to let the soil dry out or become sodden.
  • Light: It will truly flourish when it receives medium, indirect light.
  • Humidity: A little misting never hurt anyone! This plant loves medium to high humidity and misting it regularly will help keep it in its prime.
  • Fertiliser: A balanced liquid fertiliser is the perfect food for this pretty princess. Feed it every two weeks for the best results.

Fun facts: Did you know that the delicious monster got its name because it produces delicious seeds in the wild? In the wild, they can also grow to a whopping 9 meters tall!



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