Calathea 'Rosea Picta'

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Calathea ‘Rosea Picta’

  • Comes in a 14cm nursery pot
  • Has a dazzling and unique deep purple foliage design
  • Plant Level: Intermediate


Calathea ‘Rosea Picta’ Care Guide


  • Water: Keep soil evenly moist. This fashionista does not like its soil to dry out BUT be sure not to over water it either. The best thing to keep it happy is to make sure the soil is slightly moist to the touch.
  • Light: Just like any other fashionista, it prefers to have its sunglasses on. Provide it with medium, indirect light to keep it looking bright and bold.
  • Humidity: They require medium to high humidity so that their leaf tips do not dry out. Their favourite places to be are either in the bathroom or kitchen.
  • Fertiliser: It is best to feed them during the spring and summer seasons as this is their bulking season. The fertiliser should be diluted and given to the plant every two weeks. Avoid feeding it in winter when it is resting and not ‘hungry’.


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