Calathea 'Zebrina'

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Comes in black nursery pot



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  • 14cm nursery pot
  • Outstanding foliage
  • Statement plant
  • Ideal for humid bathrooms
  • Plant Level: Intermediate




Calathea ‘Zebrina’ Care Guide

Scientific name: Calathea zebrina

Common names: zebra plant, zebra calathea

With wildly bright foliage and astonishing black velvety striped leaves, this indoor plant is a lush masterpiece.

  • Water: It is best to keep the soil of your zestful zebra plant moist. Do not let it dry out or over water it. 
  • Light: This bright plant needs medium indirect light to thrive.
  • Humidity: Your wild wonder will perform its best with high humidity and warmth. It is perfect for a bright bathroom or kitchen. BUT you can make them thrive in a general living space as long as you give them the consistent moisture they need (mist them constantly).
  • Fertilize: This cheerful herbivore loves a balanced liquid fertiliser once every two weeks.

*Calathea are not toxic to pets and humans*


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