Kniphofia tysonia - Red Hot Poker

10 bulbs per pack


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Availability: Available from 1 Feb to 30 May and 1 July to 30 Nov
Deliveries: Delivery from mid-March until early June and mid-September early December
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Available from February to May and July to November
Delivery from mid-March until early June and mid-September early December
Plant in full sun
Spacing Distance: 45cm
Planting Depth: Neck at soil surface
Mature Height: 150cm
Suitable as a cut flower

Derived from: Named in honour of Johannes Hieronymus Kniphof (1704-63), a German professor of medicine who was very interested in botany.

Origin: This is a genus of about 70 species, occurring mostly in Southern Africa. There is one from Yemen and two from Madagascar.

About: Kniphofia typically have orange to yellow flowers, sometimes red. Flowers change colour as they age, giving the raceme a flamed effect. Flowers last a long time and attract birds, butterflies and bees. Foliage forms a dense clump of strap-like, keeled leaves. Most species and hybrids are evergreen.

Position and Soil: Kniphofiaare best displayed towards the back of a perennial border, or as an accent plant near a pong or stream bank. They love a humus-rich soil and plenty of compost.

Planting: Loosen the soil to at least 40cm and work in compost generously.

Further Care: The rhizomes may be divided and replanted: the summer-flowering types in early-Spring and the Winter flowering species in early Autumn. The soil should be moist at root level, year round. Every four years the clumps can be lifted for transplanting. Divide the rhizomes and reduce the foliage by two-thirds before replanting immediately. The soil needs to be replenished with compost and manure.

Propagation: Propagate by division of clumped rhizomes or from seed collected. Sow Summer-flowering types in Spring and Winter-flowering types in Autumn or Spring.


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